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Features of Twisted Storage

  • Scalable to thousands of servers and multiple petabytes of data.

    Regardless of how much data you want to store,Twisted Storage is designed to handle it. The system can grow from one computer and a few disks to hundreds of systems and thousands of disk drivers.

  • Automatic data recovery without human intervention.

    Twisted Storage doesn't require backup/restore software or procedures. All data written to the system is recorded in multiple locations.

  • No special disaster recover procedures.

    So long as you have your systems in physically different locations and you have instructed the software to write the multiple copies to those systems, you have no-hassle disaster recover. If one of the sites goes down, the system will retrieve any data from the other systems. Additionally, once the disaster site is up and running, the system will automatically restore the data to the it.

  • Simplified configuration.

    To ease management of the system, you can change any one system's configuration and have it ripple through out the system.

  • Native multi-tenant support.

    Twisted Storage allows the system administrator to divide the users of the systems into individual groups. Each group can have as many or as few users as necessary. Additionally, each group can define where to store files, what protection to use, defaults for delete conditions, etc.
    Tenants live in a hierarchical space; resources and features are a composite of all the lower groups in the system.

  • Per tenant and per document type work flow.

    One of the features of Twisted Storage is the ability to customize the operation of the system. This customization can happen as a result of simple changes to workflow rules. The workflow can apply to all the documents of a tenant group or to specific file types of the tenant.

  • Ability to run custom programs on one or more servers.

    Another way to customize the operation of the system is to invoke custom designed "plug-in" applications. These custom applications can be invoked as a result of a rule in a workflow or can be run as a result of a configuration change to the system.

  • Full XAM compliance (once the spec is complete).

    Twisted Storage will support the coming standard interface for CAS systems; this interface is called XAM.

  • Single store available, if desired.

    Single store is provided as an option. If selected, the system will insure that only a single instance of a document is stored in the repository.

  • Select encryption and hash functions per tenant.

    To help insure the contents of a file aren't read or tampered with, the system allows the level of protection to be set for a tenant group. The only exception is if Sorbane-Oxley support is mandatory, in which case the system will demand there be both encryption and a hash function selected.

  • Supports legacy storage systems (initially Centera).

    Twsited Storage is designed to support legacy storage devices. You don't have to throw away your old devices, saving you capital costs and operational expenses.

  • Define per-tenant "peer groups" for object storage.

    For each teancy, you can define the set of systems that make up the servers that will support it. This allows you maximum control as to where the files are written and how much redundancy is necessary.

  • You can write to one or more locations per tenant.

    Since you can define peer groups for each tenant you can specify how many copies of a file are to be made, and where it will reside.

  • Digital rights management (DRM) option for all documents retrieved.

    To ease and protect documents that are retrieved, they can be automatically protected on their way out.

  • Uses off-the-shelf components; no vendor lock-in.

    Twisted Storage is designed to use plain "pizza box" computers. There is no need for special hardware.

  • User assignable or system assignable names for object.

    The system allows the maximum flexibility in assigning names to files. Unlike traditional CAS systems, Twisted Storage doesn't use a hash of the contents to insure the file contents are protected. This gives the user flexibility to have the system assign the names, and return them, or for the user to generate a name from the hashed contents and pass it to the system.