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Where is Twisted Storage going?

Release plan : A new release every two to three week from the initial one.

If there are things you think might be useful please send me an email.

  • Version 0.1

    • Recognize multiple peers coming online and offline.
    • Automatic distribution of configuration changes.
    • Recognition of storage maps.
    • Ability to store files per storage map.
    • Support for dynamically adding/listing storage map categories.
    • Ability to dynamically shutdown a peer.
    • Ability to recover files.
    • Ability to locate a file by name.
    • Simplified initial configuration.
    • Initial documentation.
    • Initial testing done with three peers.
    • Initial data transfer support of inline and ftp.
    • Support multiple tenants.
    • Limited retrieve capability.

  • Version 0.2

    • Support retrieving a document from the repository.
    • Automated test scripts for QA.
    • Support raw disk mode to handle many small files efficiently.

  • Version 0.3

    • Extend data transfer to support HTTP/WebDav.
    • Add in support for automatic delete on age.
    • Support investigation mode.
    • Fill in load balancing across tenant peer categories.

  • Version 0.4

    • Add encryption support for RC4, RC5, DES, AES, Triple DES and Blowfish.
    • Add hash algorithms for MD2, MD4, MD5.
    • Support HTTPS for data transfer support.
    • Add in support for very large file handling.

  • Version 0.5

    • Add DRM capable support to store and retrieve files.
    • Fill out the documentation.

  • Version 0.6

  • Version 0.7

    • Fill in support for workflow support.
    • Test out 20+ peers.

  • Version 0.8

    • Fill in support for running other processes.
    • Add in Centera legacy support.

  • Version 0.9

    • Django or Rails configuration application.
    • Create automatic installer.

  • Version 1.0

    • Final XAM support if spec if released.

  • Version 1.1

    • Start adding in tiered storage handling.

  • Version 1.2 and beyond

    I expect to release an FUSE interface to Twisted Storage which will make it look and act like a normal file system. In addition to the normal open/close/read, it will provide write caching and with control calls support the many extensions of the system.

    I will also be adding new interfaces to the system in addition to supporting SOAP and XML-RPC. I will allow native SMTP support (it will act just like a normal SMTP interface with messages being processed and deposited in the store under the right tenant). I expect to add in a native Bit Torrent, FTP and WebDav interfaces (allowing files to put put into or retrieved from the repository).